Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 11: What it Means for the Gamecocks

The South Carolina Gamecocks stand at 8-2 (6-2) but find themselves one game out of repeating a trip to Atlanta for the SEC Championship Game. As it stands, the Georgia Bulldogs will have to beat the lowly Kentucky Wildcats for them to overcome the two early losses they had against Boise St. and South Carolina. The Dawgs find themselves one game away from being in the SEC Championship Game despite the fact that they have the same overall record as South Carolina and lost to them in a thrilling 45-42 game played in Athens. The only advantage they have over the Gamecocks is their 6-1 record in conference play. But can this be a good thing for South Carolina? The Gamecocks have two more games remaining on their schedule against The Citadel and Clemson. South Carolina is ranked #12 right now in the BCS Standings and if they manage to win these last two games, they would have an outside shot at making a BCS Bowl Game. Of course a lot of domino's would have to fall in place but anything is possible right? With this in mind, if South Carolina were to miraculously play in the SEC Championship Game, there is little hope that they would be able to beat LSU and would threfore fall out of contention for a BCS game. The game against Clemson will especially have a lot to say in terms of who will have a chance to qualify for a BCS game since both teams will most likely be ranked in the top 12. As if this game needed for hype.

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